Word #11

Issue 11

January 2004

Cover star – B. B. King

word11 001

Word shuffle

1)      P9 – 2nd page of 2 page interview with Sir Ian McKellen. He’s asked about his knighthood and says he’d rather not be addressed as Sir Ian as “…in my heart of hearts it would be better if there weren’t these titles, because some people may think that someone is better than anyone else.” Are you listening Sir Alan Sugar?

2)      P16 – A single page interview with motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Wilson. “If you’ve got a name that people laugh at, it makes you work extra hard to prove that you’re not a twat.” According to his Wikipedia page, it’s been almost 2 years since he was last on TV, talking about the Highway Code on BBC Breakfast.

3)      P87–as part of a longer piece on The Blues, Humphrey Lyttleton writes about Big Joe Turner: “Joe turned out to be a real sweetie but with an original mindset. When we got out of town, we stopped at a garden shop. He said, ‘I’m gonna get me one of those lawnmowers.’ Buck pointed out that Joe only had a small backyard, and Joe replied, ‘Yeah, but I want to be the only guy on my block to have a lawnmower with an English accent.’ ”

4)     P83– another page from a different article about 100 years of The Blues. Word chooses 100 highlights including ‘Stop Breaking Down’ by The White Stripe, ‘Statesboro Blues’ by Blind Willie McTell, ‘Sure Nuff N Yes I Do’ by Capt. Beefheart and ‘Ball The Wall’ by Professor Longhair.

5)      P13– features a half page article inviting to us to meet Katie Melua by Sian Pattenden. “Kate Melua is a sensible girl. She spent her recording advance on equipment for her home studio and put the rest in her savings account. ‘I worry that I might become a horrible diva,’ she says.”

Interesting – The reproduction of a bizarre story that appeared in the Mail On Sunday about Paul McCartney hanging round the Word office. Apparently he even appeared on the panel when a “22 year old girl from Stoke turned up at Word for an interview to be a receptionist and was shocked to find the ageing rocker taking her coat, offering to make her a cup of tea, and asking her how her journey was.” As Word point out – this didn’t happen.

Word’s round up of 2003 – in their 10 best CDs they list the little known but beautiful ‘I Trawl The Megahertz’ by Paddy McAloon, ‘Welcome Interstate Managers’ by Fountains Of Wayne and ‘The Decline Of British Sea Power’, BSP’s debut album. Favourite DVDs include ‘Look Around You’, ‘Donnie Darko’ and ‘The Book Group, 1st series’. In the books of the year they rate Ian McDonald’s ‘The People’s Music’, ‘The Dante Club’ by Matthew Pearl and Michael Marshall’s ‘The Straw Men’.

Longer article – the debate about the future of music has been raging for sometime now, ever since the internet tore up the rule book, made it into paper hats, set fire to those hats, used the ashes in a piece of bizarre performance art and then gave them to a hungry fox who ate them all and then sicked them back up into our faces.

This article shows that we seem to be no nearer any kind of answers.

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