Word #8

Issue 8

October 2003

Cover star – Fran Healy

word 8 001

Word shuffle

1)      p44 – full page round-up of forthcoming releases by Paul Du Noyer. This month’s roll call includes The Webb Brothers, Living Colour, The Handsome Family and Finley Quaye.

2)     p27– a full page interview with singer/songwriter Erin McKeown by Toby Manning. “Aged 25, she’s made 3 albums, the latest and best of which, (‘Grand’) achieves a co-mingling of folk, punk, jazz and Broadway that’s as charming as it is unique.”

3)      p145 – the letters page. Mr. Simon Vassallo-Harding from Surrey writes: “I am really enjoing Word magazine…particularly the ‘Like A Virgin’ feature. Having ignored The Smiths and Stone Roses the first time round, I feel a lot less stupid now. Having said that, I did ride the first UK wave of Spin Doctors fandom, so maybe I am an arsehole after all.”

4)      p136 – a page of book reviews – ‘Millennium People’ by J.G Ballard (reviewed by Charles Shaar Murray) and Paul Du Noyer writes about a couple of Modesty Blaise novels. “To read the occasional Blaise book is a treat we owe ourselves. And it’s always delicious to read of that long-vanished central London where characters simply drive to where they’re going and pull up outside the door.”

5)     p55 – full page advert for The Cooper Temple Clause’s album ‘Kick Up The Fire And Let The Flames Break Loose’. The Guardian is quoted as saying that it was “The first great album of the new prog revolution”. The band split on 24 April 2007.

Interesting – Billy Bragg says “Music should be something more than ‘I’m great, you’re shit. Do you like my socks?’ Which a lot of pop music seems to be about.”

Sharleen Spiteri recalls being spooked by Bob Dylan: “…we were doing a festival with him and I’m lying in this portakabin and there was a forest at the back and it’d been raining and it was warm and steaming and I was lying there gazing out the window, then there’s this person standing in the window with this hooded jacket and I’m going ‘piss off’ and, oh my god, it’s Bob Dylan! And he ran away.”

On the advert for a string of dates by Curtis Stigers, I note that the Minneapolis Star Tribune describe him as “This generation’s Tony Bennett”.

Longer article – Armando Ianucci meets Mark Ellen to discuss his life in TV comedy. He reveals there won’t be any more Alan Partridge.

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