Word #6

word 6 001

Issue 6

August 2003

Cover star – Paul Weller

Word shuffle

1)      p128 – page of adverts for various companies. Film Vault ask “Time now to sell your video collection?” They boast that they will PROFESSIONALLY VALUE (their capitals) your collection. I picture a middle-aged man looking through a box; “Okay…let’s have a look, ‘You’ve Got Mail’ – 2p, ‘Matrix’ – 2p, ‘The best of Top Gear’ – 1p, ‘The Fast Show, Series 1’ – 1p. I’ve valued your collection. It’s worth 8p.”.

2)      p56– full page picture of Gillian Welch to accompany a Toby Manning 3 page interview. She looks like an American Olivia Coleman.

3)      p24 –part of the Foreword section and mostly taken up with a Mark Ellen piece on the Woody Guthrie  archive. He speaks to daughter, Nora; “She once found a tin under their bed with a pile of coins and a note (from Woody) inside it saying ‘Dear Robber, if you need this money more than I do, you’re welcome to it.”

4)      p77 – an article called ‘It Was 20 Years Ago Today’ – looking at forthcoming anniversaries and how they may be celebrated e.g “2005 – 10 years since ‘Toy Story’. More outtakes featured on £100 four disc 10th anniversary collector’s set. ‘An essential purchase’, says Total Film.” This may have now happened.

5)      p118 – features reviews of ‘Phantom Power’ by Super Furry Animals and Kings of Leon’s ‘Youth & Young Manhood’. The Furries get a generally positive review from Toby Manning declaring that “the band have approached something akin to consistency”. Likewise, the debut effort from the Southern rockers “…it’s clear that Kings of Leon’s credentials are impeccable. Crucially, so are their songs.”

Interesting – Word used to review video games.   The PS2/XBox/Gamecube and PC game ‘Mace Griffin’ is reviewed in this issue – “Glorified cowboys in space is fine when it’s this much of a buzz. Henry Rollins reads the script. You’ll wish he’d written it too.”

In ‘The Secret History of Entertainment’ we learn that the Foo Fighter’s rider states that “(they) shall not be required to share the dressing room with any other performer, except Supergrass, Oasis or maybe Led Zeppelin.”

We also discover the origin of the famous scene in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ when Harrison Ford shoots the guy with the scimitar. “The temperature in Morocco at the time was 130 degrees and Ford had been suffering from dysentery. The actor persuaded Spielberg to resolve the fight more quickly.”

Longer article – James Naughtie of Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme is interviewed by Mark Ellen.

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