Word #5

word5 001

Issue 5

July 2003

Cover star – Bjork

Word shuffle

1)      p71 – full page photo of Grandaddy to accompany David Quantick’s interview with the band. Back in ’03, beards were still the exception rather than the norm for American alt bands and Grandaddy rocked an 80% hairy chin look.

2)      p19 – mostly an article by Mark Ellen about attending the premiere of Led Zep’s live DVD with his neighbour John Paul Jones. “It’s fascinating to watch him react. Five minutes into a violin bow solo Jimmy Page repeats a cluster of notes and Jones jolts forward in a spasm of recognition, the cues so deeply ingrained in his sub-conscious that for a split second he thought he was back on.”

3)      P52 – full page ad for Massive Attack’s new single, ‘Butterfly Caught’. Released on CD and 12”

4)      p9 – full page ad for the film ‘Tadpole’. Me neither.

5)      p118 – full page review of Alasdair Robert’s ‘Farewell Sorrow’ and Charlotte Grieg’s ‘Winter Woods’ by Peter Paphides. Peter concludes; “…a reawakening of sorts is finally taking place. You can call it alt.folk, or you might prefer Anglicana. What is beyond doubt is that, in ‘Farewell Sorrow’, it’s already yielded its first masterpiece. A couple more by the the time the year’s out, and we might just have ourselves a bona fide movement.”

Interesting – Graham Coxon has just bought an iPod but doesn’t like the digital sound – “It scares me. My ears are delicate.”

Tony Bennett is a big fan of William Blake and has been writing an album based on his work for the past 40 years.

Seven years after ‘Trainspotting’s cinema release, Johhnny Dee writes ”…. It now seems as dated as ‘Breaking Glass’: energetic and entertaining but slightly pointless.”

Longer article – Will Self, the only reason to watch Question Time in recent years, answers Mark Ellen’s questions.

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