Word #4

Word4 001

Issue 4

June 2003

Cover star – Morrissey

Word shuffle

1)      p67 – full page advert for Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Best Of’ CD and the debut album by The Thorns (Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins and Pete Droge).

2)      p45 – part of the ‘Word of Mouth’ feature in which Alex Garland, Evan Dando, Daniel Lanois and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry are asked about their favourite music, films and books. Evan professes a love of ‘Night of the Hunter’ (“I mean, this is 1955 man! It’s really dark.”), Daniel says he enjoyed Brain Eno’s ‘A Year With Swollen Appendices’ book (“…talks about humdrum and philosophical things in the same swing”) and Alex reveals that whilst writing ‘The Beach’ he often listened to ‘Future Days’ by Can “which sounds a lot like water and has this weird trippy refrain running through it.”

3)      p32 – Paul Du Noyer rounds up some of the releases coming up in the next few months including: the debut by British Sea Power, the 30th anniversary edition of Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and Toyah’s latest album, ‘Velvet Lined Shell’.  “Her press release tells us that Toyah is “celebrating 25 years in the business”. In fact there are people here at Word who are celebrating 25 years of receiving Toyah press releases.”

4)      p119 – part Peter Paphides review of ‘Think Tank’ and part David Hepworth’s recommendations. His favourite Sunday teatime DVD is ‘The Ladykillers’. “I keep going back to this because it’s shot in King’s Cross in the ’50s, just down the road from our office and I never tire of working out which buildings remain standing.”

5)      P124 – 1st page of Johnny Sharp’s live review of Ed Harcourt playing to “500 hollow-cheeked, chain-smoking Parisian hipsters.”

Longer article – Andrew Harrison interviews Morrissey in LA. Moz is more candid than usual in this interview and surprisingly reveals some positive feelings towards both Bono and Robbie Williams. We also learn that ‘You Are The Quarry’ was initially going to be called ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’.

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Word #3

word3 005

Issue 3

May 2003

Cover star – Blur

Word shuffle

1)      p66 – 3rd page of 5 page interview with Lucinda Williams by Mark Ellen. She wakes up to ‘Pink Moon’ by Nick Drake each morning.

2)      p118 – full page review of Roseanne Cash’s ‘Rules of Travel’ album by Mark Cooper.

3)      p12 – part essay on how the lexicon of wars and weaponry have entered the English language (“In the current war, actual fighting is being described as ‘pockets of resistance and friendly-fire has become ‘blue-on-blue’ incidents – drawn from British military planning where ‘our’ side is always coloured blue on maps”) and part report of The Thrills recording a version of ‘Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me’. (“…it’s all lilting guitar, suspense and crashing drum rolls. It sounds great. The trouble is, when singer Conor Deasy comes into the studio, he can’t sing it”).

4)      p80 – final page of 5 page interview with Antony Beevor by Andrew Harrison. “A distinguished psychiatrist told me that Stalin could be categorised as a paranoid schizophrenic, but Hitler, apart from at the end when he was obviously demented, suffered from nothing more than a severe personality disorder.”

5)      P128 – full page of tour adverts for Ian McCulloch, Keith Emerson, B-52’s, The Pretenders and Vic Chestnutt.

Interesting – in ‘Powder Corrupts’, Caitlin Moran recounts the seduction technique which got her fired from the ‘Modern Review’. Whilst high on coke she dances for William Leith. “I know I dropped to my knees at one point because ‘Mysterious Ways’ features the line “On your knees, boy”, and I remember wanting to convey the powerful sensuality of the line as literally as possible. Unfortunately, I also remember scrambling to my feet shouting “That lyric is in the next verse! I didn’t need to be down yet! GOOD!” to Leith, who was trying to drive his chair backwards off the dancefloor in sheer terror.”

We also learn that Johnny Vegas is a big fan of Bukowski. “…he never apologised for being a drunk. But he didn’t deal well with women. He obviously met a lot of mad ones. If you drink in the right pubs you do.”

Longer article – John Naughton writes about the recent rekindling of interest in World War Two.

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