Word #2

word2 cover 001

Issue 2

April 2003

Cover star – Elvis Costello

Word shuffle

1) p52 – full page picture of Bebel Gilberto to accompany Paul Du Noyer’s 2 page article on her. He begins the article “Our story starts in a pot of boiling water, deep in the Amazon jungle sometime in the mid 16th century” – which is a pretty fine opening line.

2) p66 2 half page adverts – one for Steve Earle’s tour for his new album ‘Jerusalem’, the other for James Taylor’s tour for his ‘October Road’ CD.

3) p87 – the 2nd page of a “10 years on” article about ‘True Romance’ by Andrew Harrison. Sample quote: “For reasons maybe best explained by economists and sociologists, the mid-‘90s seemed to be awash with updated Bonnie & Clydes, where the young, cool and good-looking got to blow away whomever they liked by virtue of their better clothes and superior hipness.”

4) p98 – 3rd page of John Aizlewood’s tribute to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – “Soon, even the most gifted of artists become as comfortable as Van Morrison or L.L. Cool J.”

5) p76 – 3rd page of 4 page expose into the murky world of showbiz award ceremonies penned by Jessica Ford. “ “The Mercury Prize is like the ’12 Angry Men’ thing. A record can do well because its advocate has a particularly strong opinion or will,” says Trevor Dann, a previous Mercury judge. “

Interesting – Alastair Campbell enjoyed ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ as it works “on several levels culturally, racially and sexually”. And Paul Du Noyer reveals that “I had four conversations with David Bowie last year and he bent my ear about Daniel Johnston every time.”

Longer article – Andrew Harrison forays into the brave new musical future. At that stage who would have predicted the resurgence of vinyl? I’m glad I kept all my records but I do remember spending over £200 on a 20GB Creative Nomad Jukebox. This article captures the novelty of that short period – so fire up your Sonicblue Rio Riot MP3 player and settle down to read “Honey, I shrank the record collection!!”

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